Our Exterior Auto Detailing package provides a thorough multi-step handwash.  We ensure all road tar, break dust, and other road contaminants are removed from the clear coat’s surface.  As expected, the wheels, tires, wheel wells, door jams, windows and trim are all cleaned and protected in this package.

The Exterior Detailing Package Includes the Following:

  • Spotless Windows, Door Jams, and Trim
  • Clean Rim Face and Inner dishes as well as suspension/wheel components
  • Multi-step contactless cleaning before paint is touched to avoid scratching, swirls, and marring
  • Included with any kind of paint protection package

Proper interior auto detailing is a time-consuming and laborious task. Finding the time to thoroughly to do it on your own is never easy. Auto Shine Official’s interior auto interior package will restore the interior to top quality appearance, making your vehicle feel new again.

The Interior Detailing Package Includes the Following:

  • Clean headliner and roof scuff marks
  • Deep cleaning to high-traffic areas such as the center console, dashboard and door panels
  • Shampoo all mats, carpeting and upholstery by hand or with an extraction machine
  • Meticulously clean and condition all vinyl, metal, plastic and leather
  • Thoroughly vacuum the entire vehicle, including the trunk
  • Spotless Windows Inside and Out
  • A fragrance of your choice to leave your vehicle feeling fresh

The most modern paint coating protective coating. Stronger and thicker than any sealant or wax, the coating acts as a barrier between your cars paint and environmental hazards such as insects, UV rays, road salts, and brake dust. Ceramic coatings provide a very deep gloss and making it more durable. Most coatings can last many years if applied and maintained properly.

Auto Shine Official offers the highest quality vehicle window tint to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Window film can block up to 99% of UV rays, significantly reducing heat and protecting your vehicles interior.

  • Many different darkness levels available
  • Pricing varies based on make, model, sizing and class of vehicle

This is the way to go if you’re looking to restore your vehicle’s paint surface back to that original shine. Our exterior wash is included in this package. We can clean up excessive texture or oxidation on a vehicle’s paint, making it look new. We can repair and refinish modern and vintage cars, daily drivers to exotic and collector cars. From rock chip repair, to scratched paint, to accident damage, we will have your car back on the road and show ready in no time.

Paint Protection

At Auto Shine Official, we offer a clear ultra-rugged urethane paint protection film that protects your vehicle from physical damage like stone chips and damage from road debris. The way to go if you’re looking to restore your vehicles paint surface. comes with our exterior wash 

Did you know dirty headlights often decrease visibility by as much as 90%? Many vehicles today are subject to harsh roadway conditions including blowing sand dust particles, detailing chemicals, harmful U.V. sunlight rays and flying road debris making your headlamps and vehicle lens covers to become faded, foggy, hazy, yellow looking and discolored.

Through our tried and true restoration process, we can make those headlamps look as good as new.